The HeArt of YoHana The Art of the Message

Miss Goda held by God


My 3-D paintings depict scenes from my inner journey to the meaning of life over the past twenty years.

My art touches the realm of the unknown mysterious phenomenon we call God.
I use my art as a platform for bringing the higher potential of human [God within] to the awareness of the observer. In this process, I use my own search for truth through the confusion of this changing world [inside out] as a beacon toward a higher reality.

That's my subject matter.

My multi-faceted art expression and my love for beauty is a tool for me to
create connections between people and add simplicity of line, meaning and purpose which worldwide society is so longing for.

My art is a meaningful, authentic expression of a universal heritage that awakens the heart, and reflects my own deep-seeded passion about contributing to more peace, healing, and unity by sharing this message, in times of separation and conflict.

My love and attraction to the hidden message has always been more important for me than art. I paint not for art's sake but for the sake of the message.

All past present and future Myths had, have and will have the same inner Message.

These days I paint with colors, flute with sounds, and play with the digital media.

My new website - will soon be up.

 My art holds the secrets to the discovery of Presence