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Biblical Symbolic paintings

    Night and Day

    "And there was evening and there was morning"
    Genesis 1:5,8,13,19,23,31.

    This ending of the phrase that appears 6 times in the Biblical story of creation is a clue to an inner proccess that happens in us when we develop our consciousness.

    Transformation begins when we acknowledge the opposites and accept them as they are.
    First we recognize the dark side in us and then we can separate from it.
    Day is a state of separation from our mechnicality.
    Kabbaliostic texts say "discover evil, move away from evil, do good"

    You are welcome to Look at a video Clip that I've created about this painting 

    I see my art as a reminder to our awakening to our heart and to our higher centers.


    • Mixed Media on canvas, 23K gold leaf, Swarovsky Crystals.
    • Size: Price:
      • 100.3cm×68.6cm / 39.5″×27″
      • $6500
    • #BIB108